Hi! I'm Stacy

My name is Stacy Carey and I am a Travel Agent based in West Virginia. I’m a mom to Jacey and Kellan and a bonus mom to Landon and Laynee. I’m a wife to Richie and a fur mom to Meelah (a Rottweiler), Myah (a terrier mix) and Lillie (a lab mix).

My passion for travel and finding the most stunning and remarkable places for relaxing getaways has made me an in-demand agent in the travel industry.

I earned my Associate’s Degree in Travel & Tourism from Ohio University in 2003. After working as an independent agent for a few years, I expanded my knowledge and skill set by attending law school. I have been a full-time attorney since 2008, but jumped back into the travel agency business in November 2018 with the goal of helping others travel to their dream destinations. My educational background and professional experiences have granted me extremely perceptive research skills in not only the legal sector, but also in my travel business, where I am able to utilize my skills and expertise to pinpoint the perfect destinations for every client. My attention to detail and trained eye for the best travel options has allowed me to master the art of finding great vacations at the bestvalue.

As a veteran traveler myself, I know exactly how to help you get the best bang for your buck while experiencing the beauties of the world. I am a Certified Sandals Specialist as well as hold certifications for the Bahamas, Jamaica, Ireland, South Africa and Los Cabos. I’m also an avid cruiser and have many recommendations for ports of call and cruise lines.

I specialize in romance travel for couples that are madly in love (and couples trying to make amends in their relationships). Whether you wish to snuggle up with your significant other on a casual island getaway  for your honeymoon, or visit a sophisticated, yet intriguing, museum in Europe for your anniversary, I will help your trip run smoothly from start to finish. My services are personalized to suit your vacation desires, allowing you to be completely at ease during your getaway.

Book with me for all of your vacation needs and I will ensure you have the most unforgettable travel experience for the most reasonable price!