singapore airlines “stopover holiday”

Singapore Airlines offers a stopover program known as the “Singapore Stopover Holiday” for passengers with layovers longer than 24 hours in Singapore. Here’s some information about the program:

Duration: Passengers can enjoy a stopover in Singapore for up to 96 hours (4 days) before continuing their journey to their final destination.

Benefits: The Singapore Stopover Holiday program offers a range of benefits, including discounted hotel rates, complimentary admission to over 20 tourist attractions, and special deals on dining, shopping, and transportation.

Hotels: Travelers can choose from a selection of over 20 participating hotels, ranging from budget to luxury accommodations, with options located in various parts of Singapore to suit different preferences and budgets.

Attractions: The program includes complimentary admission to some of Singapore’s top tourist attractions, such as Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and Sentosa Island attractions.

Transportation: Passengers can enjoy discounted rates on the Singapore Airlines Hop-on Bus, which offers convenient transportation to major attractions and shopping districts in the city.

Booking: Passengers can book the Singapore Stopover Holiday program when booking their flights with Singapore Airlines or SilkAir, or they can add it later through the airline’s website or contact center.

Overall, the Singapore Stopover Holiday program provides travelers with the opportunity to explore the vibrant city of Singapore during their layover, with convenient accommodation options, discounted attractions, and special deals to enhance their experience.

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